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Based in Mayfair in Central London, we are a highly specialised, fully integrated discreet service offering a world class approach to mental and behavioural health issues, and can provide a wide range of therapeutic services designed to tackle a range of mental health conditions.

What do we offer?

Here at Ishmail & Associates, we believe an integrated approach to treatment is the most effective method for anyone suffering with a mental or behavioural condition. This means we advocate medical support as well as therapeutic services. As always, each client is treated as an individual with unique needs, and will work with our Clinical Director, Michael Ishmail MSc, on a one-to-one basis.

Michael has been working in the mental healthcare industry for almost 20 years and is a fully endorsed addiction therapist and certified psychotherapeutic supervisor. He is renowned for working with celebrity clients and has worked in individual family and treatment settings, while specialising as a therapist, case manager and senior clinical supervisor. His skills, experience and expertise best place him to offer behavioural and psychological solutions in the care and treatment of individuals suffering from addiction, mental health conditions and behavioural disorders.

Depending on the condition from which you or your loved one is suffering, you might benefit from one or more of the therapeutic services on offer. Michael works with individuals on a one-to-one basis for ultimate privacy and discretion, in therapies such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, Family and Couples Therapy and Relapse Prevention.


CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a type of therapy designed to change the thought and behavioural patterns that are causing problems in a person’s life. It is a very hands on, goal-oriented and practical type of therapy that helps many people to combat mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and bipolar, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. CBT is a type of therapy based on talking, delving into how a person’s thoughts, beliefs and attitudes have an effect on their behaviour. This type of therapy involves finding new ways of coping with difficult situations by changing the way an individual thinks – it stops the cycle of negative thinking by teaching coping skills. Many people find this type of therapy beneficial due to its practical approach. Learning exercises they can practice in their day-to-day lives allows individuals to take back control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioural therapy that has been adapted to help people who experience emotions in a more intense way. DBT is largely used to help people suffering with borderline personality disorder, but it is also extremely helpful in treatment of those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. While CBT helps to change an individual’s unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving, DBT does this but also hones in on finding acceptance in who you are. You will learn how to accept any difficult emotions that arise, and as a result you will then go on to adopt ways of changing your harmful behaviour, whether to yourself or to others. When undergoing DBT, your relationship with Michael will play a huge part in your treatment, and will be used to actively help you progress in your treatment.


EMDR stands for Eye Movement and Desensitisation Reprocessing, and is a relatively new therapy used commonly to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD often occurs after an individual suffers some type of trauma, whether recent or many years ago, the trauma can remain. EMDR is a nontraditional type of therapy in the sense that it does not involve very much talking, but instead focuses on the rapid, rhythmic eye movement of the patient, which “dampens the power of emotionally charged memories of past traumatic events.” When undergoing EMDR, Michael will ask you to think about the traumatic event while moving his hand back and forth, and ask your eyes to follow. Attention to the physical sensations associated with the event are tapped into, and the ‘reprocessing’ of the trauma comes when you move onto thinking about more pleasant events. Many people suffering PTSD have reported the positive effect of EMDR in overcoming their trauma. It may also prove suitable for people suffering with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions and panic attacks.


With so much going on in the world around us and information coming at us from all angles, it can be difficult for us to be fully present in the moment. But that is what mindfulness is all about, and for many, mastering mindfulness allows them to combat all sorts of mental health conditions. In recent years, mindfulness has seen a surge in popularity, with millions of people worldwide adopting this practical way of stilling the mind of unhelpful and unhealthy thoughts. Through this type of therapy, Michael will help you learn techniques such as body scans and meditations that you can use at any time, any place to help you tackle obstacles in the future.

Family and Couples Therapy

As part of your treatment through Ishmail & Associates, we are able to offer family and couples therapy. As well as helping to get you on track to living a happier, healthier life, we work with your family and loved ones to help you navigate your new approach to life in the best way for everyone. Michael will work with you and your partner, or other members of your family, to find healthy ways of coping with life after treatment, and also tackle any underlying issues that you or your loved ones may be dealing with.

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Relapse Prevention Therapy aims to prevent future relapses for individuals recovering from addiction by helping you to recognise and anticipate any circumstances that you believe are likely to bring about a relapse. Michael’s extensive experience as an addiction therapist lends itself to this kind of treatment. Relapse is common in recovery, but with the right support it can be avoided and long-term sobriety is a viable option for all who seek it.

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As a counsellor, Michael has both superior knowledge and extensive experience combined with a gentle and caring strength.

His approach is both extremely sensitive and perceptive and his warm, calm and unassuming presence is coupled with a natural ability to understand and be fully engaged.

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