Psychological Intervention

When it concerns the well-being of those we love the most, there is no shame in asking for help. If your loved one is suffering from a behavioural or mental health condition that only appears to be worsening – or you are becoming increasingly worried by their behaviour – a psychological intervention may be advisable.

Psychological intervention is the starting point for many families before treatment commences and is the first step in the recovery journey for many. Our team is always on hand to listen to your concerns and answer any questions throughout the process.

We understand how frightening, lonely and despairing it can be to watch a loved one suffer from a mental health disorder. As family members, it is hard to know what to do, and often, with no background knowledge or experience in dealing with these conditions, finding the right treatment can be stressful and overwhelming.

You may be worried about broaching the idea of treatment with your loved one or wonder if it is even an option if everything you have tried so far has not had the results you were hoping for. We understand that every case requires special attention and understanding to find the right plan that meets your specific requirements.

Professional Guidance

At Ishmail & Associates, our dedicated team are highly trained and experienced in managing mental health crises. We are able to identify issues and offer appropriate advice to help you and your loved one choose the right recovery path.

You may feel completely overwhelmed when working out what to do next, and whether your loved one accepts the help or not, it can be extremely helpful for the family to have access to this level of guidance and expertise.

Planning and Execution​

Led by Michael, our team are able to effectively plan and carry out psychological interventions that yield the best results.

We listen to you and consider any special needs or requirements – after all, you know your loved one better than anyone else. We believe this level of planning and communication is vital in carrying out a successful intervention, one in which your loved one accepts the help they are being offered and takes the next steps in his or her recovery.

A Comprehensive Treatment Plan

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and pride ourselves on offering a fully comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs.

We ensure you are involved at every step and work with hand-picked treatment facilities and hospitals globally to provide the best levels of service possible.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet you where you are and offer practical solutions and support from that point on.

Safe and Discreet Transport

We know how challenging travelling can be, and having a trained support person with you can minimise discomfort during this vulnerable time.

There are many triggers and stressors associated with travelling and as such, we only use psychiatric nurses during the transport process to ensure our client’s safety at all times. Regardless of distance, our nurses are available to provide companionship and security and to make sure your loved one gets to their destination with the least amount of stress.

Customer Testimonials

My life today is much greater than it was before. I have all my family around me now which is priceless. Thank you.

Michael was very gentle in his approach to my treatment, and very informative when it came to addiction.

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