Depression Self Assessment Test

It is widely accepted that 1 in 5 adults will suffer with depression at some stage during their lives. The emotional turmoil that accompanies depression can be severe and the cause of devastating consequences for both the sufferer and immediate family. However, depression is a common mental health problem and treatment is readily available. Find out if you are suffering with the symptoms of depression by taking our Depression Self Assessment Test.

The statements below require honesty in order to achieve the most accurate results. Tick the most appropriate response to each individual statement. This short test could help you on your journey of recovery from depression.

The score you have returned indicates that you could be suffering with depression and should seek out further professional advice as soon as possible. Please fill in the form below or call us on +44 207 971 1263

Your scores suggest that you are not suffering from depression at this time. However, depression is a complex illness and this test only deals with the obvious symptoms it may present. If you are worried about your current mental health and would like to speak with a professional please contact us on the form below.

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