Burnout Self Assessment Test

In today’s society we are seeing more and more people taking time off for stress leave. Burnout is on the rise due to increased workloads, longer hours spent at work, a lack of sleep and constant pressure to fulfil demands made on you from work and at home. Find out if you are at risk of burnout by taking our burnout self assessment test.

Examine the statements below and tick which response best applies to you. This test may help you in your decision to seek help but in order to achieve the most accurate results, make sure you give the most honest response to each statement.

This score indicates that you are at high risk of burnout. Please contact a professional to ensure you get a proper diagnosis and effective treatment.. Please fill in the form below or call us on +44 207 971 1263

This score indicates that you are doing well and currently have a good hold on your situation at work and at home. However, by taking this test you have demonstrated an element of concern. Should you need further help or a professional diagnosis, contact us the form below.

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