Alcoholism Self Assessment Test

A dependence on alcohol can go undetected for years. Perhaps because of the ready availability of alcohol, and a cultural norm of drinking to excess, it is easy to forget how addictive and damaging this substance can be. If you have concerns about your relationship with alcohol, use our Alcohol Self Assessment Test to find out if your drinking has become problematic.

The statements below require honesty in order to achieve the most accurate results. Tick the most appropriate response to each individual statement. This short test could help you on your path to recovery from alcohol.

Your score indicates that your relationship with alcohol is something that needs addressing. Alcohol detox and withdrawal has the capacity to KILL (Do not attempt this alone). Your next step should be to seek expert professional advice. Please fill in the form below or call us on +44 207 971 1263

Currently your scores after this test indicate that your alcohol consumption can not yet be classified as Alcoholism.

However, concern is often an indicator of a problem in the making. If you would like to talk this through further with advice from a professional please contact us on the form below

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