ADHD Self Assessment Test

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A person with ADHD has a difference in brain activity that impacts their ability to focus, among other things. It affects millions of children and, left untreated, can continue into adulthood. Find out if you’re living with the behavioural symptoms of ADHD by taking our ADHD Self Assessment Test.

The statements below require honesty in order to achieve the most accurate results. Tick the most appropriate response to each individual statement. This short test could help set you on your path to recovery from ADHD.

The score you have returned indicates that you may be suffering with undiagnosed ADHD. We recommend that you seek further professional advice to obtain an expert opinion.Please fill in the form below or call us on +44 207 971 1263

Your score suggests you are not suffering with the signs of ADHD in this test. However, only a thorough assessment will be able to clarify this. Concerns about mood and behaviour are best talked through with a professional. If you are worried please contact us on the form below

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