Our Associates 

Over the years the team at Ishmail & Associates has worked tirelessly to build a personal network to include some of the most experienced, highly-skilled and renowned professionals in the healthcare industry. 

What do we offer?

We pride ourselves on our ability to access, treat and, where necessary, connect you to the right treatment support services depending on your circumstances, handpicking treatment facilities, hospitals and live-in companions for a seamless and fully integrated recovery journey.  

We have many years’ experience in helping individuals and families access the support they need. Within our highly specialised team located in Mayfair London, we have direct access to a wide range of mental health nurses, recovery coaches, live-in companions, psychiatric and medical doctors who work alongside our CEO and Founding Director Michael in order to provide the very best treatment for you and your family. 

Mental Health Nurses 

If you are suffering from a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety, you may be assigned a mental health nurse as part of your treatment. To help you recover and find healthy ways to cope with your mental health condition, your mental health nurse will work with you in a number of ways. A mental health nurse’s job can vary, from helping one person to take their medication correctly to advising and guiding another in the appropriate therapies, strategies and support groups available.   

Recovery Coaches 

A recovery coach’s job is to help you on your journey to a new life in recovery from addiction, offering guidance and support in a therapeutic way. 

Think of your recovery coach as a friend dedicated to ensuring your long-term sobriety. He/She will help you find the skills you need to cope with day-to-day life during and after treatment and find ways to overcome any potential challenges that may come your way, as well as assist you in setting goals for the future.  

Live-in Companions

Many of our clients benefit from having a live-in companion as part of their treatment package. A live-in companion can help you if you are recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction, supporting and holding you accountable and ensuring no substances are present in the home as you take the first steps to recovery. Having a live-in companion can be a great source of support for individuals suffering mental health conditions, too, such as anxiety and depression. If you live alone, a live-in companion can help significantly with loneliness and encouragement, keeping you on the right track to wellness and recovery.

Medical Doctors 

We work with the very best medical doctors to ensure the highest quality treatment is provided to you. As well as holistic care, we believe medicine plays a huge part in treating mental and behavioural conditions and are well positioned to provide you with the appropriate doctors as part of your treatment plan with us.  
Through our team of associates, you can expect to receive extensive testing to help get to the root of your condition. We believe in treating the whole body, which is why we advocate for both medical and holistic care. 

Advanced Health Assessment 

As part of your treatment you can receive an advanced health assessment in order to gain a better understanding of your body and mind as a whole, and any underlying conditions that may be contributing to the presenting problem.

Some of the testing you can expect to undergo will include: 

  • Nutritional 
  • Neuro-endocrine 
  • Digestive 
  • Immune 
  • Biomolecular 
  • MRI brain scan
  • Ultrasound

You will also receive various other blood tests and essential functional and biological screenings and assessments. We believe in treating the whole body and mind and getting to the root of the problem – every individual is different and our genes, environment and lifestyle choices can have a direct impact on our body’s ability to function well. The good news is that with proper testing, diagnosis and treatment, any dysfunctions found can be reversed and restored, helping you on your road to recovery. 

Your advanced health assessment may be carried out within one of our specially selected treatment facilities or in your home, and this will be discussed with you as part of your initial assessment. Our team is always on hand to listen to you and your needs and we make it our aim to place you in the care of the very best practitioners, always with your overall wellbeing in mind.

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I found Michael very supportive, knowledgeable and helpful.

I had a great experience working with Michael during my 6 years training as a counsellor.

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We have seen first-hand how high-quality care leads to the long-term recovery of many mental and behavioural disorders, and it is our aim to continue this work. 

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