Michael Ishmail, MSc

At Ishmail & Associates, my team and I have vast collective experience in finding suitable treatment and support for individuals and their loved ones who are struggling with their behavioural and mental health. We take a ‘One Client, One Team’ approach, meaning that anyone who comes to us for treatment can have up to 13 different team members working with them at any given time, covering multiple discipline practices. With over two decades of experience working in the healthcare industry, I have gained thousands of invaluable contact hours in both individual and family treatment settings. My long-standing career has put me in the best position to offer highly-effective, experience-based behavioural and psychological solutions in the treatment and care of an extensive range of substance use disorders, behavioural disorders, and related traumas. Long before founding Ishmail & Associates, I gained a deep understanding of the many challenges and limitations that arise in multi-bed facilities. I observed many high net-worth individuals and their families facing discrimination and a lack of understanding due to their wealth or social status, as though their financial background or position in society makes them any less likely to be negatively impacted by trauma, or behavioural and mental health conditions. In truth, the life experiences leading to these disorders can affect anybody, and treatment should be completely non-discriminant. I became motivated to develop an integrated care approach that recognised and acknowledged the damage caused by the false belief that material success equates to happiness and well-being, and I’ve made it my mission to ensure that non-judgemental, compassionate care is available to everyone. The people we serve are predominantly members of wealthy families, public figures, or business owners. Due to their status in society, they are not always able to check into a standard rehab facility, as they need absolute confidentiality and discretion at all times. They are from a very specific demographic that requires a high level of service, and they also need access to a team that understands the particular challenges they face. Our service is unique, and our relationship with our clients does not end when their treatment is finished. We provide ongoing aftercare, allowing us to achieve the best outcomes for everyone concerned. I have been honoured to be featured in Spear’s 500, a coverage of the top 500 individuals across the entire spectrum of wealth management and private-client practice in the UK. I have also featured in Tatler, and other press articles highlighting the work that I have been doing with those in need of care. Alongside this, we support many industry services in the assessment, monitoring, auditing and application of best practice procedures and policies to ensure that all aspects of their service delivery are safe and caring, responsive, effective and well-led. Using our collective expertise and global network, we hope for a future where people can seek the help they need in a more understanding society, free from stigma. We’re honoured to be able to transform lives through effective treatment and play our part in creating a healthier, more empathetic world.

I chose Michael for my recovery as I felt he was able to offer me a treatment plan that was intense, yet unique and tailored to my needs. Home treatment allowed me to carry on with everyday life. Even though challenges arrive daily, I have the support of a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional every step of the way.

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We know that time is of the essence when it comes to effective treatment and as such, we are available any time, day or night. We can provide immediate and effective care, facilitating an online assessment with an expert psychiatrist within 24 hours.

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