Michael Ishmail MSc

I am the Executive Founding Director of Ishmail & Associates.

I have worked in the healthcare industry for nigh on two decades, throughout which time I have gained thousands of invaluable contact hours in both individual and family treatment settings.

My long-standing career has put me in the best position to offer effective and real field experience-based behavioural and psychological solutions in the treatment and care of an extensive range of substance use disorders, behavioural disorders, and related traumas.

Long before founding Ishmail & Associates, I managed to gain a deep understanding of the many challenges and limitations that arise in multi-bed facilities. I observed that many individuals had been facing some discrimination around their wealth, as though one’s financial background makes them any less likely to be negatively impacted by addiction. Addiction and other behavioural disorders can affect anybody, and treatment should be completely non-judgmental and non-discriminant. I became motivated to develop a care approach that recognised the damage caused by the false belief that material success equates to happiness and wellbeing. Over the last few years I have dedicated myself to this mission and I have been honoured to be featured in Spear’s 500, a coverage of the top 500 individuals across the entire spectrum of wealth management and private-client practice in the UK. I have also featured in Tatler, and other press articles highlighting the work that I have been doing with individuals in need of care.

At Ishmail & Associates, myself and my associate team of highly specialised professionals have vast collective experience in finding suitable physical and mental health treatment and support services for individuals and their loved ones who are struggling. We are proud to offer an extensive range of services including, but not limited to, family intervention, in-home and in-community treatment packages, referral, case management, aftercare, physical and mental health screening and assessments, family counselling, hospital admission, and can arrange for a second opinion if required.

To take our treatment a step further in reaching clients in need, we are fully insured to facilitate safe treatment transportation both nationally and internationally. We also support many industry services in the assessment, monitoring, auditing and application of best practice procedures and policies to ensure that all aspects of their service delivery are safe and caring, responsive, effective and well-lead.

I had a great experience working with Michael during my 6 years training as a counsellor and psychotherapist where he line managed and supervised me. I found Michael very supportive, knowledgeable and helpful. I believe that he helped me to develop to where I am now working as a clinical lead in an addiction service.

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We have seen first-hand how high-quality care leads to the long-term recovery of many mental and behavioural disorders, and it is our aim to continue this work. 

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